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About you

It’s not so much about us, it’s really about you. So, how about you? What makes you or your company tick? What kind of message do you want to deliver? That’s our main interest.

With your goal in mind we’ll create a tailored script for our custom-assembled team to produce and deliver. In helping you achieve your purpose we’re adding value, which makes us feel good.

How we can help you? In our own way, we'll help you capture the essence of your project and translate it into a captivating story that your audience can relate to. Because that’s what we do best!

Blickfänger is an Eindhoven based production agency comprising of talented photographers and directors who offer a wide variety of creative expertise. Please feel free to contact us for a chat and any information you might need to get your project started.


Wim van Heugten

Creative Producer / Editor

0031 (0)654362705

Wouter Kooken

Creative Producer / Director

0031 (0)623913091

Eefje Dagevos

Creative Producer / Office manager

0031 (0)623157826


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